What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the art of increasing the visibility of your online presence by getting your website to the top of search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.   It is often referred to as free traffic to your website, since you do not need to pay to have your link on the first page of the search engines.  Although you do not have to pay for the clicks, many businesses spend thousands to have companies get their website to rank the highest it possibly can.  The reason for this is due to the return on investment you will receive from these visitors.  These searchers are the highest intent and ready to use your services or product.

Can I Do SEO for Myself?

The world of SEO is very complex.  There are tactics, strategies and algorithms that all come into play when thinking of doing SEO.  You are able to do this by yourself, however you are already perfecting your craft, which is what you are selling or offering.  Let PNM Marketing assist you in getting your website to the top of Google since we are experts in our craft, SEO.

Free SEO education is out there, and you will be able to find out how to do most of the basic tactics yourself.  There are advanced tactics that many do not practice which will greatly assist your website and enhance your visibility.  Combine all the research and practice this and you can be on your way to enhancing your website.  But ask yourself, in the midst of everything you have going on, and all of the daily duties you already have, do you have the time it takes to invest into your site every day?

Depending on your time constraints, your ability to study and size of your website, you may decide to hire SEO experts to handle this for you.  PNM Marketing will handle all of basic SEO tactics and advanced SEO tactics for your website.

Can A SEO Company Promise Page 1 Ranking?

No, no company can every promise to get you on page one of Google.  Google and Bing are changing their algorithm daily as they find people and companies who are spamming their system to try to increase the rankings.  You need a trusted SEO company who are going to only do standup SEO tactics to raise your visibility.  PNM Marketing never promises to get you on top of search engines, but we do promise to raise your visibility.  You will be ranked for more keywords and increase your rankings in all of your keywords.  But SEO takes time and patience.