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Looking for an Alabama SEO company but feel overwhelmed with the amount of companies claiming they can help? PNM Marketing’s SEO company provides the right local search engine optimization for you with a promise to increase your web traffic and help customers find you on top internet search engines like Google and Bing. 

What makes PNM Marketing the right fit for your Alabama company? We offer search engine optimization services that help you with each step of the SEO process. We can leverage different types of conversion optimization testing, assess the ways users interact with your site, and then implement changes to increase conversions while improving the overall user experience.

We are a trusted agency with years of experience in SEO, reputation management, social media, and website design. We’re ready to help you take your Alabama company to people all over, whether you want to stay local or start attracting global attention. No matter where you want to take your company next, we are here to help. 

OUR seo campaigns

We can offer the following services as part of our SEO campaigns:

Organic SEO

One of the highest proven ROI's in SEO, organic SEO is the process of ranking higher in unpaid, algorithm-driven search engine results pages.

Paid SEO

As part of an effective Google ads campaign, paid SEO includes content creation, optimization, and on-going management for all types of paid campaigns.

Social Media

We offer paid social ad creation and management for platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

SEO Content

Despite Google and other search engines constantly changing their algorithms, one SEO best practice remains king: content.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a increasingly important aspect of SEO for any website that targets a specfic area or location.

SEO Consultancy

Our team of trained SEO experts is able to provide SEO training, consultancy, advice, and site audits.

Alabama SEO Company


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important piece of any successful website, especially with so much competition online today. In order to get your Alabama company in front of the right users, you will need to stand out in this crowded digital space. 

Most of your potential customers will use online search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to research a product or service. If your company doesn’t show up on the first page of their search results, chances are they will never even know you’re an option. Partnering with PNM Marketing’s SEO services can help ensure your company appears high enough for your target audience to see you. 

Navigating search engine rankings so you can become a top brand above your competition is what makes SEO such an art. The algorithms for search engines are constantly changing, meaning websites that can’t quickly adapt and implement these changes will struggle to rank. You may have even noticed your competition showing up in Google results above you even though you know you have a better product or service. This can be extremely frustrating and discouraging.

You know your business better than anyone, but you may feel overwhelmed and unequipped to handle all the ins and outs of SEO on your own. You need an Alabama SEO company with trained specialists who can help you get your product in front of the people that need it most. Choosing PNM Marketing means getting that expertise and the leverage you need to stand out from the competition and take your business to a whole new life. 


how it works

If you choose to work with PNM Marketing to boost your Alabama SEO rankings, we will start by seeing if you have an existing website. If you do, we will thoroughly review it and make sure there are no issues with how it currently operates and communicates with search engines. We will work with you to make sure any problems are resolved before we start the rest of the process.

If you do not have a website for your Alabama company yet, we have a team that will design a custom website for you built with proper search engine optimization tools at its core. 

Next, we will make sure you are verified on Google My Business and review your social media accounts if you have enlisted our help with social media marketing. We will also look for any and all citations your company currently has. A citation is any mention of your business, address, or phone number on a website that isn’t your own. We’ll make sure citations are relevant and from trusted websites.

After we’ve reviewed or created your website and checked your current online status, we will get to work on optimizing your site for search engines. Our team of specialists will create an SEO strategy based on the SEO plan you choose. No matter which plan you go with, we are committed to getting your Alabama company ranking on the first page for as many top keywords as possible.


If you feel PNM Marketing is the right solution for your SEO needs, please reach out by submitting the form below. We are excited for the opportunity to take your Alabama company to the next level.  

As your partner, your success is our success. Unlike some Alabama SEO companies that may offer the bare minimum and leave the rest to you, we have the expertise and tools to be a part of the entire SEO journey. We understand that SEO is a fluid and ongoing process with hiccups along the way. Our services are personalized, meaning we are always happy to jump on a call or answer an email whenever you need.

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