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If you are on the verge of building a new website for your business, and you are looking for a Delray Beach web design company? Or you decided to redesign your outdated website that gives your brand a negative impact? Either way, PNM Marketing is your preferred Delray Beach web designer that will lead your brand to success through building a responsive website that well represents your brand.

You may stumble on hosting website trying to Do-It –Yourself, however, the truth is that it could cost more “time” and “time is money” if you try the Do-It –Yourself and at the end, you are likely not going to get a better result.

Don’t get the Do-It -Yourself or cookie-cutter hosting sites or a general template that has been used for millions of website. None of these can be good options for a quality internet presence in PNM Marketing the web designer Delray Beach, FL.

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Things to watch out for Delray Beach Website Design.

What you need is a reliable company that is committed to making your site the best, and that means hiring the help of an experienced Delray Beach web design company. You need to discuss your needs with the company or experts as this is a very meaningful part of the process and they ought to give their suggestion as well. Because the site will represent your brand and it needs to be designed in such a way that shows you care about your visitors and their needs. To achieve this objective; your professional website designer team may suggest a few things ensure that visitors that find your site also stick around long enough to capture leads and sales.

1. Your site MUST succeed with Delray Beach SEO.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dynamic and different today than it was even a year ago. It is the one thing that tells how many people find your site, and it is a serious consideration. It is very important that it is properly done at every stage of your website’s development. Keywords and buzzwords and every other thing that used to work to attract the search engines have gotten an upgrade in the past couple of years. Today, sites like Bing and Google are all about quality results, not just about finding sites that mention the words in your search criteria. That is where the “optimization” part comes in your web design.

Web design Delray Beach, FL companies, should offer more than that; they should show their ability to attract traffic by product or service, and by geographic location.

2. Your site should be social media friendly.
Make it real to your visitors by showing who you or your team are, not just a name. Post some pictures of yourself, your team, your physical space – Create an environment that is good enough for meaningful interaction. Request for a blog page where you can share current topics and information on your site if your Delray Beach web design company don’t suggest it. Update the blog regularly with engaging articles. Demonstrate certain products and open up a comments section.

Link to your social media accounts and seek feedback and ratings. Ensure that your contact info appears on every page along with a link to “like” and “follow” on social media. Always update those social media accounts as well.

3. Your site must be responsive.
The number of mobile devices and tablets being used to access the Web is increasing each year rapidly, and that trend is going to continue. This year around 15 percent of ALL web traffic comes from mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. In the next few years, that number will increase dramatically.

Your site MUST be responsive. That means that no matter where your site’s traffic comes from, whether it’s a desktop PC, a laptop, a phone, tablet or gaming device, your site needs to respond to where it is being viewed by displaying and interacting properly. If your site isn’t responsive, you will never capture all the possible contacts, leads or sales.

It really is a new world for e-commerce and, as a responsible business owner; it is up to you to maintain a strong presence on the Web. PNM Marketing Delray Beach web design agency will take your brand to the next level and make your business stand out.

Why PNM Marketing is Unique.

Most companies charge thousands for a new design and then thousands for SEO. Here at PNM Marketing, you get it all in one with our service. We advise all companies to upgrade to a mobile friendly website because of the Mobile crawler launched by Google is 2015.Yes! We do all our work under the Google Web-master Guidelines 2015-2016 as well as other search engines to get your business to the next level

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