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When you are thinking of building a new website or redesigning your old website, hiring a Wellington web design company is a critical decision. In today’s changing innovation world empowered by social media and mobile devices, it is best to enlist the help of a PNM Marketing a qualified Wellington web design company to ensure that your website is of the best standard and speed (both literally and figuratively). The time frame will depend on how many of what is listed below match your perception of a website as well as the results derives regarding traffic and sales.

  1. Your Website was designed years ago.

    The simple truth about this trendy era is that time makes websites obsolete. This happens to websites that are a year old as well as that of three years old. If your website is over three years old, it’s obsolete. Do you want to know why? Here are a few distinct reasons why this is true.

  • Search Engine Optimization. This is a process by which website generate organic traffic- hence, it is how those that searches for products and services find your online store– using specific word known as keywords — in Bing, Google, or Yahoo!. Without good SEO friendly content, your site will never rank high or appear on the top pages of these search engines. If your website is above a year, it is not utilizing the most current algorithm which companies like Google modify continuously.

  • Social Media. There is a chance that your website is not probably optimized for a social media interaction (social media plugins) if your website is more than three years old. Does your website have a blog? Does it have a feedback option on products or services? Is there a social media plugin which will encourage visitors to “like” or “follow” you social media page. The fact is if you do not incorporate your website into social media, you are missing the opportunities that social media offers which includes interacting with your site visitors.

  • Responsiveness. There are chances your website may be completely missing a full functionality regarding responsiveness. A website that is responsive is speedy to load and also easy-to-navigate not just on desktop PCs, but all varieties of devices: laptops, tablets and smartphones. If your site isn’t responsive, you are losing about 30% of your potential customers that are surfing the internet to purchase your products. In the future, that number will become even greater. With the help of PNM Marketing a reputable web design Wellington, FL company, all relevant issues will be solved. PNM Marketing helps business owners achieve the best web presence and ensure that they are visible to your customers by optimizing their website to generate the more traffic. We at PNM Marketing, Wellington web design company pays strict attention to your clients business needs and work with clients to help capture as many leads and sales as possible.

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2. Your company has evolved over time.

If you are trying to explore new areas in your business, you need to create the awareness of the changes by reaching out to the customers that visit your website. It is not a pleasure experience when business owner captures a lead and then what start an inquiry is a negative impact. If they did not find the satisfaction they are looking for, they have an option, and your competitors will meet their needs. Imagine what happens when customers search for a product or service you offer, but you fail to mention it on your website? What if it is there, but it has never being picked up by the search engines because your content is not SEO-friendly. Your website is of no good if it stagnates as your business evolves. An experienced Wellington website designer would say the same, and they would be right.

3. You don’t have confidence in the look and feel of your site.

A well-designed website is sure to provide two things that are crucial to capturing leads and sales: a good user interface (UI) and a stellar user experience (UX) which go hand-in-hand. If your website looks good and showcases that your brand is current and relevant, it appeals to potential customers or visitors on an emotional level, and that’s a good UX. If the pages speedily load and are easy-to-navigate, that’s a good UI. Access your website and find the experience hum-drum, and there are chances that a lot of people are clicking pass your site because it lacks UX and UI. The good news is that a reputable Wellington website design company such as PNM Marketing is available to fix all these issues.

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Most companies charge thousands for a new design and then thousands for SEO. Here at PNM Marketing, you get it all in one with our service. We advise all companies to upgrade to a mobile friendly website because of the Mobile crawler launched by Google is 2015.Yes! We do all our work under the Google Web-master Guidelines 2015-2016 as well as other search engines to get your business to the next level.

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